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At this stage of progress all the elements of the remodel addition are finished and we are into the finish stage.

The exterior of this addition remodel project is into the finish stage also. We are down to little things like exterior fixtures such as lights. Getting close to final and through cleaning the exterior.

The new interior has some nice amenities such as sky lights and architectural details.

Aspects of Adding Rooms or Space

Structural Analysis

When adding or expanding a room in your home the over riding consideration is maintaining the structural integrity of your home. The two elements involved in maintaining the structural integrity is using a competent architect and securing the proper permits. Many contractors will take care of this for you, this is usually an advantage to you because your contractor has have found competent experienced architects they use and trust along with other professionals. It is much better to trust your remodeling contractor than to go out on your own and try to find an architect on your own you can work with.


Design is a combination of incorporating what you the home owner want with along with what is structurally sound and safe. Some rooms can be a be a simple matter of 4 square walls, paint, carpeted floors and thats it. What the room really looks like will depend on how you decorate the room. Design can involve many choice such as lighting, flooring, architectural details, windows and heating and cooling system. When it comes to kitchens and bathrooms remodeling projects become even more complicated and involve may decisions and choices, for more information on kitchen remodels click here.


Exteriors are often an aspect of an addition. When your contractor adds space or a complete new space to your home there are a number of major items they have to consider. These are the following:

Structural considerations

Additions will usually affect the structural integrity of a home so they need to be dealt with at the time of design by the architect. In fact this is why anĀ architect must be used, failure of your builder to consult with and use an architect so that your contractor has plans that they can use to ensure a structurally sound addition could be catastrophic.

Exterior materials and finish

Often an expansion of the exterior walls that result from an addition will need to be finished so they match the existing exterior if at all possible.

Environmental footprint and building codes

The amount of land and condition of the soil and landscape of the land as well as passing government codes are other considerations your contractor must account for and can effect the price of an addition.


Interior considerations for your contractor can be a minimal considerations often.

Develop a Plan

Develop a rough plan of what you want from your bathroom remodel, include in your plan things like budget, expansion of the size of the bathroom. Also consider what you want from a remodel.


Design your remodel, this will require working with your remodeling contractor. This step could involve an architect, it will also involve deciding what types of flooring, wall coverings, cabinets, fixtures, counter tops, etc. When you are done with the process the remodeling contractor should have all the information they need to start the project.


Your building contractor should work out a build schedule how he will be paid. Also establish a clean communications channel so you can air any concerns or changes you have.

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